Full Account Management


 Our fully automated system combines our account management tools with our claims system.  These tools were designed for use in correctional healthcare.  They ensure all standards are met and ensure compliance with established protocols for:

Medical Necessity
Utilization Review 

Care Authorization 

Fraud and Abuse Monitoring

Medicare Compliance Checks
Contract Compliance Checks 



 JLSFE has multiple management reports currently available that are in use at other institutions, and will work with you to develop specific reports upon request. 

Professional Review


 JLSFE has Medicare billing experts that thoroughly review all claims that have been run through the system.  We review each batch in order to verify the accuracy of the adjudication process.  Our processes and systems eliminate: 

 Fraudulent Billing 

Un-bundling of Medical Services 

Up-coding of Medical Procedures 

Duplicate Claims 

Additional services

Claim Status check

 To check on claim status for an individual covered by JLS Family Enterprises, please click here. 

Submit a Claim

 To submit a claim for services rendered to an individual covered by JLS Family Enterprises, please submit electronically to Payor ID "JLSFE". If you cannot submit electronically, you can fax your claims to 904-800-1235. 

Request an EOP

 If you have received a payment and would like a detailed Explanation of the Payment, please click the link above, or call 1-877-659-7385.